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Comic-Con : Josh Holloway says he was cast as Gambit

Years before Channing Tatum was cast, Actor Josh Holloway was linked to the role of Marvel character Gambit – and as he tells Skewed and Reviewed, he was actually cast in the role.. for about a day.

The “Colony” star, doing press for the series at Comic-Con, tells the site that he screen tested opposite Hugh Jackman and it went so well that he was cast by the “X-Men” recruiting staff on the spot.

Later that same day, the “Lost” actor got a call that the studio had opted not to go another way – by “casting someone really young”.

Interesting enough, it had been reported previously that Holloway had passed on the role because he felt it was too similar to the part he played on TV’s “Lost”. As you’ll hear in the below interview, that’s far from the truth – sounds like Gambit would’ve been Holloway’s dream gig.


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