Comic-Con : trailer for The Flash season 4 revealed

More “Flash” goodies out of Comic-Con extend past the announcement of “Flashpoint” on the big screen, but also to the fourth season of the TV series.

When we last left the speedy hero in season three, Barry Allen had entered the Speed Force. This is the first look we’ve had at the events of season 4. What we do know is the first episode is set 6 months after the events of the finale of season 3, with Barry still stuck in the Speed Force and fiancé Iris West coming to terms with his absence in her own way.

I dare say we may see Barry back in the present by the end of episode one, but rather than speculate too much, check out the trailer above which was unveiled at Comic-Con.

Some new cast members have also been added to the upcoming season with Neil Sandilands to portray villain The Thinker, Danny Trejo as Breacher and Kim Engelbrecht to play The Mechanic, and Devoe’s right hand woman.

“The Flash” will be back on screens on October 10th.

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