Comic-Con : Is Jeffrey Dean Morgan the next Batman!?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, back when he was doing the promo rounds for “Watchmen”, told Moviehole that if he could wear the guise of any big screen superhero it’d be the older Batman at the center of Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns” arc.

While it won’t be the “Returns” storyline, a new superhero related project might offer the “Supernatural” and “Walking Dead” actor the chance to don the Batsuit.

With Warner announcing this weekend at Comic-Con that the upcoming feature adaptation of “The Flash” will take it’s storyline cue from the classic “Flashpoint”, a print fave in which the speedster messes with the future – resulting in a different incarnation of Batman – in this case, Bruce Wayne’s father Thomas wears the cowl – speculation is rife that Morgan, who played Wayne sr in “Batman v. Superman : Dawn of Justice”, might end up playing ‘The Batman’ of “The Flash”.

Makes total sense too – seeing as “The Flash” will play out in the same cinematic universe as “Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice”. Why recast Thomas Wayne for the new film if there’s already a good actor getting about in the part!?

Morgan recently spoke about the Thomas Wayne character while at Walker Stalker Con, explaining that although he has no idea if he’ll reprise the character for anything else he’d welcome the opportunity to do Batman should it ever arise. “Zack [Snyder] and I go back to Watchmen days. So I’ve got a little bit of relationship with the DC losers. He called me a year before we shot that…I met Lauren. It was great. I still see Lauren. It was great and yeah, is there another plan for that Thomas Wayne character? We’ll see. I don’t know. I would love to be the dark Batman. That’s the darkest Batman there is. God knows I embrace the darkness.”

Today, upon hearing the “Flashpoint” news, Morgan sent out a few enthused tweets reiterating his interest in playing the older, “darker” Batman.

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