Shark Week : shark vs croc showdown!

What happens when you put a 14 foot crocodile into shark infested waters? In Australia, it’s easy to find out. We’ve got plenty of both of those dangerous creatures down under.

I do enjoy a good shark showdown, and while there was a movie of a shark versus a crocosaurus – it’s all just a hypothetical. I wanna see a REAL croc showdown with a REAL shark. But thank you Discovery Channel, as the gods of menacing aquatic creatures has delivered!

The latest in Shark Week festivities sees the Discovery Channel visit the Coburg Peninsula in the Northern Territory, Australia, aka one of the sharkiest places in the world. Then, they introduce giant crocs into the mix.

Dr. Mark Meekan and conservationist Paul de Gelder go on the expedition – Meekan is there to count sharks, and hilariously Gelder is there as he’s heard that sharks and crocs fight sea turtles in the area, so naturally wants to see that f*cking happen. I swear to god – that’s a man after my own heart.

Salt water crocodiles, known as ‘salties’, can reach up to 17 feet (5metres). They kill 100x more people than sharks each year.

You can watch the full episode here, for free thanks to the Discovery Channel. It’s there you’ll find out the result of the epic showdown.

The website has some other great videos too, such as “Great White nearly bites some guy’s head off”, “sharks attack from all angles”, and “Mako Sharks attack like rockets”. I’m so excited I wish I could express that more in text form. !!!!!!!

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