The fuzz causing trouble for Justice League

Henry Cavill’s newly-grown moustache is causing headaches for the brass on “Justice League”.

Warner Bros has commissioned $25 million worth of reshoots (which I believe gets them a shot from a drone and a Kevin Costner cameo) on the new Zack Snyder-Joss Whedon directed pic. Quite a few of those new scenes reportedly involve Superman (Cavill).

Since Cavill is still Cruise-deep in “Mission : Impossible 6”, for which he’s grown a hairy lip, he’s forced to do his new Superman sequences with the fuzz. As a result, the movie magicians over at the WB compound have to digitally remove the mo in post. No doubt quite a tasking, timely and expensive exercise.

While Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot aren’t on new projects, therefore no holes in the tar when it comes to their reshoots, Ezra Miller is on the “Fantastic Beasts” sequel shoot. Thankfully, being the same studio, the two films are working in with one another so that the young actor can be at two places at once (easy task when you’re Barry Allen, right!?).

Now much of the new scenes being added to “Justice League” are reportedly lighter, punchier moments – the likes of which Joss Whedon is renowned for. Whedon, of course, was brought in to finish the film when Zack Snyder had to take time off for his extremely sad personal loss. It’s believed Whedon has contributed so much to the film that he’s now getting a co-director credit.

The reshoots, said to take a couple of months, will take place in London and Los Angeles.

Via ‘Variety

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