Shark Week : see alien sharks and sharks giving birth

Thousands of feet under the ocean, there’s a whole world of sharks that you’re probably unfamiliar with. You know the Great Whites, the Hammerheads and the Mako Sharks, but have you heard about the alien sharks? This episode on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week explores the world of strange sharks, and in particular the Goblin shark in Tokyo Bay, and the Sawshark in Bass Strait.

Not the prettiest shark I’ve ever seen….

So this is one of those episodes you can only watch upon your golden throne, as you need a subscription to the service. But luckily, I can present to you today a video that’s a lot more terrifying than any horror movie you’ve ever seen.

That is… a sawshark giving birth to not only one, but TWO babies. And what’s more, the baby sawsharks become stuck due to their positioning in the mother, so the scientists have to help pry them out. If that description didn’t put you off eating forever like it did me, check out the video below, courtesy of EW.

If by the end of the week you’re suffering shark withdrawals, never fear! Syfy will have “Sharknado Week” to follow, leading up to the premiere of “Sharknado 5: Global Swarming”. Bloody-Disgusting has the schedule for you. Enjoy films such as “5 Headed Shark Attack”, “Trailer Park Shark” and “Empire of the Sharks”. Otherwise, check out my definitive guide of shark movies to watch.

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