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Gal Gadot joining Flashpoint movie?

Rather than let the crimson speedster hog the celluloid spotlight, producers of the upcoming “Flashpoint” – a feature based on DC hero, The Flash – plan to pack the movie with Barry Allen’s superfriends.

According to Forbes, the film is shaping up to be similar in structure to Marvel’s “Captain America : Civil War” – which featured not only ‘Cap’ but near every other superhero available for screen portation.

Anyone that knows anything about the “Flashpoint” story from the comic arc it’s inspired by will know that other superheroes figure prominently. In addition to an all-new Batman (see here for info on who that might be), Cyborg, Aquaman, Booster Gold and Deathstroke appear.

Forbes have essentially confirmed that the movie will follow the same route – suggesting that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman (who featured in the comic iteration) will feature in the movie.

Steve Trevor, the character Chris Pine played in the “Wonder Woman” feature, fixed in the “Flashpoint” comic too. So there’s the possibility Pine – who is set to feature in the “Wonder Woman” sequel, so clearly they are going to bring him back (somehow) – could reprise the role for the Flash’s big movie too.

“Flashpoint”, released 2020, stars Ezra Miller.. and, by sounds of it, the Justice League.

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