Roseanne reboot : John Goodman is still alive; Johnny Galecki still in talks to return

Fans of “Roseanne” will remember that John Goodman’s character Dan Conner died in season 9, after a twist in the season finale revealed that the entire series had been a book that Roseanne Conner was writing. Dan, the father of the family, died from a heart attack, but ABC have now confirmed at TCA that Goodman’s character will be alive and well in the upcoming reboot, essentially ignoring Dan’s death in 1997.

Of course we all knew Goodman was returning to the series, so it’s not too much of a surprise, but interesting nonetheless. He always could’ve been involved in a flashback or dream sequence, in any case. ABC have previously stated that a few things from the season finale will be disregarded, so it looks like this is the first.

One cast member who’s return still hangs in the balance is Johnny Galecki’s character David Healy, who played Darlene’s husband. ABC responded to the query stating that “those conversations are still in progress”. As Galecki’s most prominent role lies on rival network CBS in “The Big Bang Theory”, one has to wonder if there’s a little bit of a turf war happening.

The filming for the “Roseanne” reboot will begin in October, with it to air on the ABC in spring 2018.

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