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Schwarzenegger is the star of Cameron’s new Terminator

A few days back, original “Terminator” helmer James Cameron announced that he’s producing a new trilogy of “Terminator” films (the first of which to feature Tim Miller behind the lens) and that, in some fashion or form, his original ‘Terminator’ will appear.

Speaking to a stone tablet back home in Austria, Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed that he has signed onto “star” in the film.
Considering his age, and the fact he can’t damage police stations like he use to, that might come as a surprise to some who were anticipating that Arnold might take more of a backseat to a younger actor in the new series of films.

Arnold Schwatzenegger sporting his natural hair color in “Terminator : Genisys”

Whether or not this means Cameron is incorporating Schwarzenegger’s ‘Pops’ character from “Terminator : Genisys” into the new film/s, or he’s having the Oak play a new Skynet-hatched incarnation, remains to be seen.

In addition, and despite a lack of movement on both projects in recent times (suggesting they might be done), Schwarzenegger says new sequels to “Conan” and “Twins” are very much on his to-do card.

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