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Take a look at Cable in full costume in Deadpool 2

A good look at Josh Brolin’s Cable in “Deadpool 2” has hit the web, giving us a good glimpse at his character. Ryan Reynolds tweeted the image captioning it “your premium Cable provider”.

It’s a pretty damn good costume, complete with a cybernetic arm and eye, and a teddy bear attached to his hip. The meaning behind the teddy bear is unknown but of course the internet is abuzz with discussion about it, as there’s no teddy bear featured in the comics.

Reynolds also tweeted the below image, showing a better look at Cable’s face.

A lot of what we’re learning about “Deadpool 2” has been largeyly coming from social media, with Reynolds tweting regularly with new images and “Deadpool” updates. Not to mention the constant paparazzi circling the filming areas and releasing set photos.

A full look at Zazie Beets’ Domino was also revealed on Twitter a few days ago.


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