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James Wan gives some updates on the Conjuring universe

James Wan is currently down under filming “Aquaman”, but he’s also got the DL on the ever-growing “Conjuring” universe. Wan offered up some updates to EW, who spoke to the king of horror about “The Crooked Man”, “The Nun” and “The Conjuring 3”. Corin Hardy is directing “The Nun”, which is currently in post-production, and “The Conjuring 3” is in the script-writing process.

Wan is very confident with Hardy being at the helm of “The Nun”, and the movie is currently in post-production so making some good headway.

“I love Corin,” laughs Wan. “That guy is amazing. I put Corin in the same camp as David — you know, like, really young, hungry, upcoming filmmakers, full of passion for the genre. Corin is such a monster movie-nut and I just love the guy’s passion. All these up-and-coming filmmakers remind me of what I was when I started with “Saw”. That’s the kind of filmmakers I would love to continue to foster through Atomic Monster. So, I’m very excited for what Corin has done with “The Nun”, and right now we’re in post-production, putting the film together.”

Wan and his production partner Peter Safran are also developing “The Crooked Man”, which is another spin off to “The Conjuring 2”. It’s currently in the beginning of the development process, with Wan speaking about the project:

“Early stages, kind of like cooking away,” he says. “But we think we have a really exciting story. What we want to do, with “The Conjuring” universe, is we want each of our little offshoots to have a very different flavor, right? So, for example, “Annabelle” is the classic sort-of haunted doll subgenre. And with “The Crooked Man”, I would love to push it more down somewhat of that dark fairytale, and more whimsical, subgenre. I love the idea that, within the “Conjuring” universe, each of our little movies all have their own flavor, so that way they don’t feel like they’re the same films.”

In regards to “The Conjuring 3”, Wan commented:

We’ve been working hard on “Conjuring 3”. Of course, that is something that I am not neglecting. The “Conjuring” films are still the mothership and the mothership needs to be strong. [Laughs] The mothership needs to be strong for all these other jet fighters to shoot out of. So, we’re in the midst of working on the script, and still hashing [it] out. We want to make sure that the script is in a really good place. With how much people have loved the first two “Conjuring”, I don’t want to rush in to the third one if possible.”

He also noted he’s unlikely going to direct the third “Conjuring” in the series, mainly due to his other commitments, especially with “Aquaman”.

Thanks to EW for the interview.

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