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Will Twin Peaks get another season?

About all this brouhaha about Showtime shutting down “Twin Peaks” next month for good… it’s nothing news.

Here are the facts :

Showtime have yet to hear from David Lynch in regards to doing more episodes of the cabler’s “Twin Peaks”. And he never planned on reaching out before the end of the season.

Showtime president and CEO David Nevins was initially informed by the famed director that it’ll just be a one-off return – meaning these eighteen episodes will be it. And, um, he also initially agreed to do only 8 episodes.

Nevins also recalls agreeing to Lynch’s request that they not talk about another season of the show until this latest season airs (almost contradicting the last statement). He’s also not back in L.A, so a sit down hasn’t been possible.

Cast have been informed – by Lynch – that if people enjoy this season, another could happen. He’s a man of his word.


It’s like this, no, Lynch hasn’t – and as aforementioned, doesn’t want to talk about another season of the quirky drama until this current season wraps on Memorial Day weekend – discussed a renewal with Showtime yet. Part of that reason is he’s been in Paris since the Showtime premiere but aside that, he doesn’t want to negotiate a new season yet. He’s not ready. Quite likely, and true to form, Lynch hasn’t discussed his plans for more with anyone. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t have plans, he just doesn’t want to share them yet. He keeps his coffee close to the edge of the Formica.

And, did we mention Showtime promised Lynch they wouldn’t discuss a renewal until this batch of eps conclude? Oh yes. We did. So any discussion of a “return” is null and void… for the moment.

While “Twin Peaks” hasn’t been a blockbuster rater for Showtime it “has had a very palpable effect on our subscriber (levels) for multiple months now,” Nevins said. “You saw it in [CBS Corp.’s earnings report]. Q2 has always been our weakest quarter. But in the cable segment, CBS is up 11 percent, and you can assume Showtime is up a higher percentage to drive that. And new subscriptions were were driven largely by ‘Twin Peaks.’ It kind of did its job, for being such an unusual show for us.”

Showtime clearly want to continue with “Twin Peaks” but the ball is in Lynch’s court. Let’s at least respect his wish to wait until this season is over before talking “sequel”. He wants us to enjoy the gift we have, before moving onto the next.

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