Future of Bad Boys 3 in doubt

Sony has dropped from the third “Bad Boys” from it’s schedule.

Originally scheduled for a November 9, 2018 release, “Bad Boys for Life” has been yanked from the studio’s line-up, leaving it’s future in doubt.

While returning stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence remain attached, the film has suffered several hiccups along the way. Earlier this year director Joe Carnahan (“The A-Team”) pulled out, due to “creative differences”, and there’s reportedly been some disagreements concerning the film’s storyline.

Smith’s choca-bloc schedule has also played havoc with the film.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer is said to be trying to repair the leaks and get it back on the slate.

It was star Smith who first revved the engines on another sequel to the 1995 hit, telling reporters last year that a chance meeting with his original co-star, Martin Lawrence, sealed the deal.

“We just looked at each other,” he said. “We hugged. In that moment, we knew we were making another Bad Boys. We’re definitely doing another one.”

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