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Reboot of 80’s Coreys comedy in the works!

A reboot of classic ’80s teen comedy “License to Drive” is in the works.

Veteran producer John Davis (who produced the Greg Beeman-directed original, as well as countless other classics including “Predator” and “Courage Under Fire”) and Twentieth Century Fox have hatched the idea of reusing the template to the 1988 comedy, a vehicle for ‘The Coreys’ (Haim and Feldman), for a female-skewed version.

In the original film, Haim played a youngster who, after failing his driver’s license test, sneaks out with the car anyway – after all, when the smokin’ Merecedes (a pre-“Twin Peaks” Heather Graham) agrees to a date, you turn up! – and all hell breaks loose. From having the car used as a vomit bog to ultimately seeing it crunched to bits, nothing goes smoothly for lovesick Les (Haim).
Feldman played his friend Dean, with Richard Masur and Carol Kane brilliant as the teen’s supportive but eccentric folks.


The new film, to be developed by Alison Brophy and Scott Miles (“Girl Problems”), has been described as a female take on “Superbad”.

Whether or not there’ll be any connection to the original – maybe the new lead can be Les’s little sister?! – is in the hands of the scribes and those online petitions from the Corey fans.

At the time, and after the success of the original, Haim approached Fox about doing a series of “License” films. In an interview with Moviehole, co-star Feldman said : “Haim wanted to do a sequel; at the time it was called Stunt School or something. He wanted it to be set, like, at ‘Flying School’ or something. It was his plan to do a ‘3 movie’ series – License to Drive, License to Fly… you get the picture.”

Davis seems to be on a bit of a mission to rework a lot of FOX properties – he has the “Predator” reboot coming up, recently got the wheels moving on a “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and redo, and is developing a sequel to “I, Robot” with the studio.

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