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Casey Affleck : Ben isn’t doing The Batman

It’s no secret that Ben Affleck has gone a little gunshy on “The Batman”, the next comic book blockbuster to feature his take on Bob Kane’s iconic man in the mask. First, after announcing his intentions to essentially run the whole movie, Affleck pulled out of directing the movie, he also had an issue or twelve with the script – to the point they recently threw it out and started again, and in recent times, heavy rumours whirled that the “Justice League” star might be exiting the movie altogether – leaving another thesp to put out the recycle bin at the bat cave on Wednesday nights.

Casey Affleck may have just confirmed his brother’s departure from “The Batman”.

Speaking on WEEI Sports Radio Network, Affleck was asked if his brother would be coming back to do director Matt Reeves’ “Batman” flick :

“He’s not going to do that movie, I don’t think,” Affleck says. “Or so I would say.”

The hosts then say Casey is “breaking news” which seems to scare the actor into backpeddling a bit.

I think we know it to be true, right? That Ben Affleck is indeed going to announce his retirement from the Justice League soon? Watch this space.

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