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Jabba the Hutt movie in the works!

Another day, another “Standalone Star Wars” movie announcement.

Hot on the Death Star’s tail pipe that an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie is (officially; it’s the worst kept secret of the Cantina) on, reports that a movie based on the origins of stout slug Jabba the Hutt is in the works. The character, first referenced in George Lucas’s original “Star Wars” (1977), and making his onscreen debut in “Return of the Jedi” (1983), has had a long association with the saga. The character, and other members of his flabby family, made appearances in the “Star Wars” prequels and was also the core character in an anthology book.

An origin story on Hutt makes sense. There’s a lot of backstory there we’ve never seen on film. The big guy created a vast empire in the Outer Rim, having near as much pull and power as the Sith Lord and his troupe of terrors. Loyalty meant nothing to the Hutt family, as they toed the line between imperial and rebel forces, looking only after their bank balance.
A movie would also offer us an opportunity to see how Jabba hooked up with familiar friends like Salacious Crumb (the one that sounds and looks like a pedophiles dwarf after a few whiskeys), the keeper of the Rancor (yep, that weirdo) and Oola the Dancer – who, I’m betting, is likely trapped in some kind of controlling abusive relationship with the chubby drool wagon. Also hopeful for an appearance by distant cousin Pizza the Hutt

The mention of a Jabba the Hutt movie was hidden in Variety‘s story about the Obi-Wan movie, with the trade noting that a Boba Fett movie and the abovesaid Hutt flick are also on Lucasfilm’s standalone slate. The next standalone “Star Wars” movie, Ron Howard’s “Han Solo” is out next year.

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