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Vera Farmiga, J.K. Simmons and more join Hugh Jackman in The Front Runner

Hugh Jackman will star as disgraced 1988 Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart in “The Front Runner”, a political comedy directed by Jason Reitman. Reitman desribes the film asa political comedy about the moment in our history when tabloid journalism and political journalism drove into the same lane.”

EW have announced the full cast for the upcoming flick, which includes Vera Farmiga as Lee Hart (Gary’s wife since 1958), J.K. Simmons as Bill Dixon (Hart’s campaign manager in ’88), Mamoudou Athie as A.J. Parker (a political reporter covering the Hart campaign) and Josh Brener as Doug Wilson (a ket foreign policy advisor for Hart ’88). Also on board are Kaitlyn Denver as Andrea Hart (Hart’s daughter), Tommy Dewey as John Emerson (deputy campaign manager), Molly Ephraim as Irene Kelly (scheduler for Hart ’88), Spencer Garrett as Bob Woodward (a political reporter), Ari Graynor as Ann Devroy (deputy editor for The Washington Post), Toby Huss as Billy Broadhurst (Louisiana lobbyist and political power broker), Mike Judge as Jim Savage (investigations editor for the Miami Herald), Alex Karpovsky as Mike Stratton (lead advance man for Hart ’88), Mark O’Brien as Billy Shore (aide-de-camp for Hart), Sara Paxton as Donna Rice (forms a relationship with Hart), Kevin Pollak as Bob Martindale (publisher of the Miami Herald) and Steve Zissis as Tom Fiedler (political reporter).

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