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IT is ticking off professional clowns

I’m not talking clowns as in my ex boyfriend. I’m talking clowns as in those makeup-wearing, balloon animal-toting dudes that show up to birthday parties and circuses to terrify entertain crowds. Stephen King has officially pissed off those in the clown profession, as they believe King has caused them to lose many jobs over his novel-turned-film “It”, starring Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to the president of the World Clown Association (yes that is a thing), who expressed that King is single-handedly killing the clown industry. King has addressed the complaint before, tweeting that “The clowns are pissed at me. Sorry, most are great. BUT…kids have always been scared of clowns. Don’t kill the messengers for the message.”

He’s right, coulorophobia isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, nor was it kickstarted by Tim Curry’s portrayal of Pennywise way back in 1990. I can personally say that I don’t need Pennywise to let me know that clowns are just scary. Bozo was freaking weird, man.

Which is scarier, the “kid friendly” Bozo (L) or Pennywise?! The jury is out on this one, sorry WCA.

Back to the concerns at hand, courtesy of the WCA, president Pam Moody (and I can’t think of a better name for a president of clowns) has noted that “Last year we were really blindsided. We’ve since created a press kit to prepare clowns for the movie coming out.” If you’re wondering what lies within the GOLD that would be that press kit, it includes such statements as: “the art of clown is something to be treasured and enjoyed” and that “just because someone wears a rubber Halloween mask, that does not make one a clown!” It also recommends “that young children not be exposed to horror movies” such as “It”. I think that last bit goes without saying, as it’s rated R for a reason.

Moody goes on to say that it’s unfair for clowns to be picked on, as no one ever picks on Santa Claus even though he too is just a man in a costume – oops, spoiler alert. This is true, but at the same time, Santa brings nothing but joy, and I am yet to meet a clown who didn’t spurt water out of a flower on his lapel and laugh maniacally. Santa never did that to me.

People had school shows and library shows that were canceled,” says Moody. “That’s very unfortunate. The very public we’re trying to deliver positive and important messages to aren’t getting them.”

Okay I’m sorry Moody, but you don’t need to dress up as a clown to deliver important safety messages such as how to be safe around fire. You could always just get a firefighter to deliver such messages. Pretty sure the kids would be happy with that, as opposed to Sparky the Firefighter Clown. This just doesn’t make sense Moody! Also, just saying, that a shirtless firefighter goes down a treat with the over 18’s audience.

The funniest part of this whole debacle is the anecdote that Moody provided about a clown who was hired for a kid’s birthday party – one WCA member showed up for the party but was unable to get in:

She looks up and there are four police officers surrounding her,” Moody says. “Someone in the neighborhood called in a clown sighting.”

You know what, I take back my previous thoughts about clowns not being funny, ’cause that is f*cking hilarious.

For those that are fans of the scary clowns, not long now until “It” is released. In the meantime, check out the new poster below released by Half Hazard Press. Bask in the terrifying killer clowns – mmmmm!

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