Exclusive : New Scorpion King movie to open up the ‘Book of Souls’

A new sequel to 2002’s “The Scorpion King” is in pre-production (nope, Universal aren’t rebooting this franchise like they did its parent series, “The Mummy”) with filming on the fifth instalment locked in for a November shoot.

Don Michael Paul’s “Scorpion King : Book of Souls” sees the title character teaming with female warrior Tala, sister of the Nubian King, in a search for the Book of Souls; if she can obtain the powerful book it’ll help in her and her people in their fight against an evil warlord.

The shoot begins in November in Cape Town, South Africa – Universal’s go-to place locale for shooting these direct to disc sequels.

Victor Webster, who has played the title role in the franchise since Dwayne Johnson departed, would likely return as The Scorpion King. The character made his first on screen appearance in “The Mummy Returns”. With casting beginning this month, we’ll likely have word on his commitment and those in the support cast shortly.

Michael-Paul’s credits include “Tremors 5,: Bloodlines”, “Lake Placid : The Final Chapter” and “Kindergarten Cop 2”. He’s a terrific action director, definitely delivers on what he’s assigned to, so action fans will probably find themselves in for a dusty, adventure-packed treat with “Book of Souls”.

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