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James Bond TV series, anyone?

Apple and Amazon have emerged as candidates to nab the James Bond 007 franchise, suggesting the future of the brand may encompass not only films but TV offerings.

With Sony’s rights expiring after 2015’s “Spectre”, the hunt is on for the long-running action series to find a new home.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, both Apple and Amazon are said to be willing to cough up as much cash for the series as current frontrunner Warner Bros is – suggesting its anyone’s game.

MGM, Sony, Universal and Fox are also interested, with the former chasing a deal for more tab two years.

According to the trade, Apple and Amazon would reportedly be after a lot more than just film distribution rights if they one gets the nod. Being that both are in the small screen business, it’s believed they’d both want to do something along the lines of a TV series featuring Bond. It’s believed the rights may be worth anywhere between 2 and 5 billion.

The next Bond movie, again with Daniel Craig in the title role, arrives November 8, 2019.

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