Patty Jenkins officially directing Wonder Woman sequel

In news that is not in the least surprising, Patty Jenkins has officially closed a deal with Warner Bros. to direct “Wonder Woman 2”, the sequel to the box office smash from earlier this year. Variety confirmed the news, with Jenkins returning to the helm of the film, which also has confirmed Gal Gadot to reprise her role as the title character.

Jenkins was already outspoken about working on the script for the film, which is set for release December 13, 2019. While her deal hasn’t been announced in fiscal terms, it’s no doubt more money than most of us will see in our life time to write, produce and direct the sequel – also concreting her as the highest paid female director of all time.

“Wonder Woman” was an all-round success for DC and Warner Bros, kicking many goals in the box office but also with the critics. A sequel was moreso assumed before it was officially confirmed. In addition to the “WW” sequel, Jenkins is also working on a TNT TV series with “WW” star Chris Pine.


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