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Twin Peaks : Season 3 DVD/BD announced; Season 4 talk

Financial Needs Walk With Me.

‘Coop’ and doppelgänger bump heads in new artwork for the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release of “Twin Peaks : Season 3” (the fact they’re calling it “Season 3” and not “The Return”, like Showtime, suggests the Log may roll on a fourth season sometime).
There’s been a few pissing and moaning over the artwork, like it’s as grotesque as a backdoor orgy hosted by the ‘Jackass’ crew, but I have no probably with it.

But then again, they could have slapped this photo on the sleeve and I’d be jumping all over this release like Riley Lynch.
No word on extras, but reports suggest there’s a making-of in the works and that quite a few deleted scenes exist – crossing my fingers for some more “sweeping” scenes at the Roadhouse (ah shit, who am I kidding..? I was mesmerised!).
The set is available December 3, according to Tweet Peaks .. er, Lynch.

Meanwhile, creator David Lynch appeared via video at Serbia’s Belgrade Culture Centre where he was asked about the possibility of a fourth season. While his answer (see ) suggests he’s quietly tinkering with one, and Id say we can expect an announcement shortly, he’s careful to mention that it could be a number of years before that next season comes to pass. Or, this is all we’ll ever get and we’ll all go frickin nuts, banging our heads against the mirror daily as we ponder “Where’s AUDREY!!?”

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