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Terminator 6 : 10 Things to Know About the New Film

I think it goes without saying, considering he essentially eye-rolled and publicly detested the films in the series that would follow his two movies – and the one he said he liked? I say BS. I’m almost convinced he was paid to give his blessing to that, because no way, without good ingots and bareback lapdances, would anyone own up to declaring “Terminator : Genisys” a decent sequel – but James Cameron’s upcoming script for “Terminator 6” apparently ignores the events of “Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines”, “Terminator Salvation” and “fuck no, not Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese!” .That, according to star Arnold as Schwarzenegger, who is back to “lead” the new film alongside original Cameron-staple Linda Hamilton.

I think also the fact that former mullet-spruiker Hamilton is playing Sarah Connor in the new film (and not Emilia Clarke, or as is the case in “Terminator 3”, a wooden box) further assures us that this new film won’t play connect the dots with the other movies.

Schwarzenegger, as quoted by The Terminator Fans, has also been told by Cameron – who is producing and has come up with the storyline – and producer David Ellison not to call the film “Terminator 6”. Instead, he’s been instructed to tell those that ask that the film is a sequel to “Terminator 2”. In other words, the film likely wipes out everything that came before it (film wise) by having some sort of future event change the past, so that Hamilton’s Sarah Connor lives .. instead of meeting her demise (which is what “Terminator 3” did. If I recall correctly, Hamilton was actually offered the chance to reprise Connor for that film but refused to return because Cameron wasn’t involved) and that John Connor never ends up having to thieve first aid equipment from a veterinarians office.

While Hamilton will be returning, and Schwarzenegger says the actress is currently in training for her assumingly physically-exhausting gig, the big guy says Robert Patrick isn’t reprising the T-1000 for the movie. And that, of course, makes complete sense… considering that character bit the dust at the end of “Terminator 2”. Same is likely the case for Michael Biehn’s Kyle Reese, who kicked the bucket at the end of the original 1984 movie, though I suppose they could digitally de-age Biehn so he can do another dream sequence or flashback cameo. More chance of Edward Furlong – if an insurance company will insure him? – returning as John Connor, me thinks. It would be nice to see Cameron get his complete, all originals cast from “T2” back together, after all.

The film is apparently chasing a young actress, around 18, to help carry the film. No idea who the character is. Maybe the future daughter of John Connor? Or maybe a late-age offspring for Ms Connor? Or perhaps a new character altogether- this franchise’s ‘Rey’?

The new film, said to be shooting in March, will be directed by “Deadpool” helmer Tim Miller. That dude’s a frickin’ master when it comes to directing visual stunning action, and trying new things, so no surprise that Cameron’s happy to ride in his sidecar on this one.

In short, here’s ten things we know SO FAR about “Terminator (not) 6” then :

1. The new film will ignore every other “Terminator” movie but “Terminator” and “Terminator 2 : Judgment Day”.

2.Arnold Schwarzenegger will again ‘star’ – likely as a Terminator of some sort (or, as previously rumoured, the guy whose likeness inspired the look for the cyborg).

3. Linda Hamilton will be back as Sarah Connor. Suggesting she’s going to have a pretty physical role in the film, she is already training.

4. The film will be anchored by a new lead, an 18-year-old female.

5. There’s no word on whether John Connor will be in the film – though it’s quite likely – and whether or not Edward Furlong will get his shot at reprising the role.

6. Though he’ll only be producing the film, James Cameron is the one responsible for the storyline. His treatment apparently serves as a blueprint for the next three films in the series.

7. Tim Miller, of “Deadpool” fame, is directing.

8. Though the film will ignore the events of “Terminator Genisys”, that film’s producer, David Ellison, retains his role on the new film.

9. The movie will be the first of two new sequels Schwarzenegger will shoot in 2018- the second will be the Long-gestating “Twins” sequel, “Triplets”.

10. Considering Paramount have the distribution rights to the movie, expect a teaser trailer on one of their big sci-fi releases of the next twelve months or so – maybe the new “Cloverfield” film? Or perhaps that “World War Z” sequel? Few options there, in fact.

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