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First look at Taylor Kitsch as David Koresh in Waco

If “American Assassin” doesn’t do it (and let’s admit it, with those reviews.. it won’t) then “Waco” should firmly plant one-time next big thing Taylor Kitsch back in the majors.
The breakout star of football drama “Friday Night Lights”, and rightly so, he was great, Kitsch was hurried off to the megaplex where he’d headline big-time studio tentpoles “John Carter” and “Battleship”. When neither film took, Kitsch seemingly slipped down the ladder a couple of notches. After some reassessment, he’s returned to the screen – with the showy villain role in the aforesaid “American Assassin” and more predominantly, that of David Koresh in the anticipated “Waco” series.
The first photos from the Weinstein Co/Paramount TV production hit the net Today — showing just how aptly cast the thing is. Kitsch is a dead ringer for the bespectacled ring leader of the religious cult.

The six-part event series, airing in January on the Paramount Network, also features a number of other familiar faces including Michael Shannon, “Supergirl” stunner Melissa Benoist, John Leguizamo and Rory Culkin.

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