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WB to announce new label for standalone superhero movies

Essentially owning up to their craptacular failure to emulate Marvel’s cinematic universe, Warner Bros have signified a change in course by replacing plans to focus entirely on a shared universe of DC superhero movies – that are all connected, like “Batman vs Superman vs Bum Stear” – with that of a series of stand alone superhero movies that will be more about the filmmakers involved than the different superheroes featuring in them.

The upcoming “Joker” origin movie, with Todd Phillips at the helm and Martin Scorsese producing, will be the first in a new series of DC comic book movies that will have nothing to do with what’s come before. Instead of linking up to the earlier “Batman”, “Man of Steel”, “Justice League” and what-have-you, this one will primarily fix on the one character and the proposed unique vision of it’s filmmaker.

And it sounds like the long-gestating “Batman” movie that Ben Affleck is/was attached to will likely go the same way – it’ll end up a reboot, unconnected to what’s come before, that offers its director (Matt Reeves) a chance to do whatever the frick he wants … without having to worry about where to insert a reference to the ‘Martha’ moment from “Batman vs Superman” or who to shoe horn in a cameo from The Flash. Like the Chris Nolan films, it’ll probably be a more grounded, grittier take on the character.
The studio are apparently going to announce the name of the new ‘label’ that these movies will fall under soon.
So, in short, yes they’ll be continuing on with their superhero team-up movies, like this year’s “Justice League” and the upcoming “Suicide Squad” sequel, but from hereon out there’ll be a greater focus on quality over quantity. So they say. Stay tuned for the announcement!

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