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Latest great ideas from the network that’s cancelled Firefly

Fox are apparently turning Shane Black’s recent action-comedy “The Nice Guys” into a TV series. “The Nice Girls” will, as the title suggests, ditch the characters portrayed by Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in the 2016 doozie for a couple of new female characters. And ain’t nothing wrong with that. But look, what made “The Nice Guys” work so well is Shane Black. Without his direction, his words, his dialogue, his style.. there’s nothing left. The storyline itself in that movie was, let’s admit it, as thin as DJ Squalls…. but it was what Black did with the concept that gave the film its bounce. Yogi, chalk this up as another of Fox’s boo boos.

I’m also not that confident this next newly-announced FOX TV project will work either – because the idea is stale. Speaking about the net’s plans to rework the old David Carradine series “Kung-Fu”. Yawn. Haven’t they already tried – and failed – to reboot that a couple of times?
The new female-led reboot, which is going to pilot, does have one thing going for it : resident CW superhero mastermind Greg Berlanti (“Arrow”), serving as EP. Still, can he breath life into a concept that’s as crusty as a microwaved Hawaiian?

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