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Lucy 2 script is complete

News on the sequel to the 2014 success “Lucy” has been quiet for a while, but word out of EuropaCorp is that writer-director Luc Besson has completed the script for “Lucy 2”. Besson didn’t shed any light on the plot details for the film, but has confirmed the script is done.

The original “Lucy” starred Scarlett Johansson in the title role, who receives superhuman abilities after the chemical from a package she’s transporting leaks into her system. The film also starred Morgan Freeman as a neurologist that Lucy seeks help from.

A production schedule for the sequel hasn’t been set, but no doubt things will start moving once Besson’s schedule clears up.

Other news from the shareholder’s meeting revealed that the company will focus on making action thrillers and science-fiction films, along the lines of “Taken,” “Lucy,” “The Professional” and “The Fifth Element.” EuropaCorp also noted that they were to focus on TV business in the States, and look to expand other film franchises into the realm of TV (such as what was done with “Taken”).

Following the losses reported from “Valerian”, it seems that film budget cuts are also on the cards.

News via Variety.

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