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Rush Hour 4 still happening, according to Jackie Chan

Good news for those who have been waiting a decade for another “Rush Hour”, with Jackie Chan confirming that things are moving forward for the 4th instalment.

Chan, speaking to the San Francisco Chronicle, confirming that he and Chris Tucker are reuniting for “Rush Hour 4”, with production set to begin within the next year:

“Good news. Next year, Rush Hour 4, and I hope the script done. And day after tomorrow we meet the director and Chris Tucker again to make sure we go the right track.”

Chan doesn’t state who the director of the new film is, but as Brett Ratner directed the last 3 films, he’s very likely to be involved in the fourth. Ratner recently got announced as director of a new Hugh Hefner biopic starring Jared Leto.
We last saw Chan and Tucker together in “Rush Hour 3” back in 2007, so a sequel is long overdue. The recent “Rush Hour” TV series which went down like a lead balloon, showing that without the two power-house comedians, the franchise just doesn’t work.
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