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Paranormal Activity reboot?

How do you get a stalling program to run? Reboot it.
Now that the “Paranormal Activity” series has naturally run its course, producer Jason Blum seems to be tinkering with the idea of keeping the brand alive by restarting the whole thing over.

The micro-budget found footage flick – that launched a thousand copycats and got every moviemaker magazine subscriber thinking they could make the next big movie hit – grossed $193 million.
It also spawned more than a few sequels, and a spin-off. But returns on those last few films in the series weren’t as Mandy Moore hot as the studio might’ve hoped for.

Blumhouse’s current release “Happy Death Day”, directed by Christopher Landon, is chalking up some Ok reviews – with most of the praise going towards its unique concept.
Blum suggests that it might be Landon that comes up with an idea good enough to pump fresh blood into the veins of “Paranormal Activity”.
“Paranormal Activity is on hiatus, but if Chris over here, who’s done four Paranormal Activity movies, if he has an idea to reboot it, we’re very open to hearing it.”
Wouldn’t be at all surprised if Landon has already offered up an idea to Blumhouse on a new “Paranormal Activity” and that’s why he mentioned his name, but time will tell.

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