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Robert Patrick wants in on Terminator reboot

With both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton locked in to reprise their roles in the new “Terminator” sequel, no surprise to hear another cast member from James Cameron’s T-twosome wants in too.

Robert Patrick, who played the T-1000 in “Terminator 2 : Judgement Day”, was at NYCC this weekend where he told Screen Rant that if Cameron (producing the film alongside director Tim Miller, who has the reins) asks, he’s there.

“Absolutely! Anybody [asks] me to do anything, return anywhere, I am there.”

While Patrick’s T-1000 character bit the dust at the end of “T2”, and with the actor noticeably older now than he was in the 1991 film, there’s very little chance of the thesp reprising the same role. But way back when, “Terminator Salvation” director MCG was flirting with the idea of bringing Patrick back for his proposed sequel (to that film), only instead of playing his iconic villain from “Terminator 2” he’d play the scientist who lent his likeness to the line of robots. Maybe Cameron could recycle that idea?

The new film is said to be set after the events of “Terminator 2” – retconning the events of the films that followed – so there’s also the possibility of a coupe of other “Terminator” originals returning. While Edward Furlong’s John Connor seems a likely candidate, there’s quite a few supporting characters that could return too. Like this guy…


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