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Amazing Stories takes a bite out of Apple

“Classic” ‘80’s series “Amazing Stories” is making a comeback – on your iPad.
Okay, not really.. well, kinda, I guess.

Apple is teaming with Amblin Television and NBC Universal to reboot the anthology series, which – as previously reported – “Hannibal” head honcho Bryan Fuller will serve as showrunner on.

Each episode will sport a sumly $5 million dollar budget, suggesting the eps will be as epic as most of those in the original run.

Man, some of the stars and filmmakers that blessed the original “Amazing Stories” back in the day – Eastwood, Costner, Sutherland, Dante.. it was a weekly cavalcade of stars.
Can only imagine those that currently working with Spielberg will be on the new show, so expect to see Hanks, Hanks, Hanks and some Hanks.

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