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Jackman, Reynolds, Wahlberg, Johnson & Bautista eye animated projects

They gave him mouth-dirt when he did so but now every other protein bar spruiker in Tinseltown seems to be following Dwayne Johnson’s lead and spending equal time on kids flicks as they do more adult, mainstream actioners.

The thinking likely is that family films – particularly those produced by a major – make a mint at the box office (The “Despicable Me” films will keep the Carell family in the green until their old and Metamucily) – but also, most of these blokes have kids themselves, so they likely want to be able to make something that their own clan can watch. It’s also a rather clever marketing move to boost one’s profile amongst the kindergarten crowd.

In between the more important headlines surrounding Hollywood at the moment, a few new projects were announced that purportedly team tank-topper with toon.

Hollywood heavyweights Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, the aforesaid Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg are rumoured to be up for the main human gig in Legendary’s “Detective Pikachu” movie, according to That Hashtag Show.

Whoever is cast – apparently none of the actors have met with the studio yet- will be the live-action player of the thing. The “Bob Hoskins* with Bulky Biceps“ if you will.

The film itself is an adaptation of the “Pokemon” franchise spin-off game “The Great Detective Pikachu”.

“Goosebumps” director Rob Letterman will helm the project, which sees Pikachu and his human friend teaming up to solve crimes. Yup, how very “Happytime Murders”.

Production on the film is due to begin in January.

Meanwhile, another guy who seems determined to be both film friend to kids large and small, Dave Bautista is set to lend his lungs to a new animated projext from Jamie Foxx.

This one, from director Cameron Hood, will tell of mice competing in a street dancing competition. Bautista will apparently voice multiple parts in the movie.

Deadline says “Groove Tails” will feature the music of Jingle Punks, who coinsetnally provided the tunes for “Step Up”.

*Man I miss Bob Hoskins. What a sublime actor. He he has a cookbook more of recipes to share on screen. His loss a couple of years back of course put to bed that long-gestating “Roger Rabbit?” sequel (Disney said they weren’t developing it, but Bob Zemeckis was hankering to do it) that would’ve reunited Eddie and the loopy bunny. I’m confident “Roger” will return to the screen again – sometime..- only it’ll likely be a Rock or Vin chasing down Mickey Mouse with him this time around.

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