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WB considered Superman Lives animated film

Is it possible that we might one day actually see Tim Burton’s ambitious but abandoned “Superman Lives” play before us on a LCD flat?

For the unversed, several years before the Bryan Singer directed “Superman Returns”, Burton was set to do his take on the legendary Kal-El tale. Being Burton, the project was going to be quite different from previous film incarnations of the DC property, for one it would’ve seen Nicolas Cage (!) wearing the (black) suit of Superman!

The project fell apart for numerous reasons, all detailed in Jon Schnepp’s 2015 documentary The Death of “Superman Lives”, but seems there’s been thought put into the idea of putting its screenplay to use.

With Warner’s animation department hellbent on bringing all these classic and varied stories of the Justice League to film, albeit in animated form, it’s been suggested that “Superman Lives” could get the same treatment.

Michael Jelenic, co-screenwriter of the new animated feature “Batman vs Two-Face”, told attending press at the film’s junket on the weekend (look for our coverage tomorrow) that he pitched the idea to Warner Bros and “they took it seriously for a second”.
Jelenic even suggested that Nicolas Cage would’ve likely voiced Superman in the project.

While Jelenic didn’t expand on why the project didn’t go ahead, his comments will no doubt lead to speculation that Warner Bros could indeed consider it down the line.

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