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Pet Sematary officially reopens with Kolsch, Widmyer

“I didn’t even know there was a new Pet Sematary movie”, said my girlfriend in response to being informed “Starry Eyes” helmers Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer have been tapped to direct a new incarnation of the Stephen King novel.

“Of course there is”.


After the smashing success of freaky the fuckbuggery clown this Summer, expect bunches and bunches of Stephen King novels to grace the silver screen – some, like “It” and “Pet Sematary”, for a second time.

Yes, the novelty will be indefinitely rainchecked as soon as one of the upcoming films does a backflip at the box office, but for the moment, Cinema just can’t wait to be Kiiiiiing.

This “Pet Sematary” remake at Paramount has been coming for a while. A few directors have flirted with the property – Sean Carter was one – but seems the indie wundekinds have managed to push it further down the track.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura is producing the film, along with Steven Schneider. Matt Greenberg and David Kajganich wrote the script.

The 1989 film, directed by Mary Lambert, still holds up really well. Young Miko Hughes gives a haunting performance as Gage, and the production design is to die for. Love the mangled ghost.

Hopefully “Pet Sematary” mach two gives us just what “It” (2017) did – a superior update, complete with epic character arcs and orgasmic visuals, that doesn’t discount what came before it, but merely wants to add polish to it.

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