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Is Universal’s Dark Universe in deep doo-doo?

Following the report that “Bride of Frankenstein” was indefinitely delayed, comes news that two of the top producers have thrown in the towel on the franchise. Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan were involved in the production of the upcoming “Dark Universe” films, including “Bride”, “Wolfman” and “The Invisible Man” all to follow this year’s “The Mummy”.

While “The Mummy” had potential, starring Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe (as Jekyll and Hyde)  and Sofia Boutella as the title character, it essentially tanked at the box office, leaving the entire franchise in doubt.  Not even big names like Johnny Depp, Russell Crowe and Javier Bardem seem to be able to hold the project afloat at this stage.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals the departure of writer-producers Kurtzman and Morgan, suggesting that not even the studio has faith that this universe has a pulse, much less legs. Kurtzman is instead returning to duties in television, and Morgan is working on “Fast and the Furious” projects including the spinoff.

Of course the departure of these two key-players doesn’t necessarily mean the imminent death of the “Dark Universe”, but it certainly doesn’t look good.

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