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Giveaway: Only the Brave

To celebrate the release of “Only the Brave” in Australia on 30 November, we have five double passes to giveaway!

“Only the Brave” is an American high action drama based on the elite crew of firefighters who battled the Yarnell Hill Fire, a wildfire in Prescott, Arizona in June 2013 that claimed the lives of 19 members of their team. Whilst thoroughly devastating, it is handled really well and has a brilliant cast including Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges, Taylor Kitsch, Jennifer Connelly and Andy McDowell.

For your chance to win, simply enter your details below and let us know your favourite actor who stars in this film.

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Entries close 6pm AEST Monday 27 November 2017.

Check out the official website here:

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