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Johnson on his new Star Wars trilogy

I believe it went a little like this : Rian Johnson, fresh from wrapping “Star Wars : The Last Jedi” (out this month), had such a great time hanging with the walking carpet, porgs and girl-next-door from “Blue Velvet” that he approached Lucasfilm with an idea that’d see them ideally extending his contract of employment. The idea? a whole new “Star Wars” trilogy, nothing to do with the Skywalkers and Grandpa Vader’s grandkid, that’d roll out after the current trilogy – the one with the Skywalkers and Grandpa Vader’s kid – comes to its conclusion in a couple of years.

Most assumed, as they do here on this interdeck, that Johnson was likely bringing video game “Knights of the Old Republic” to the big screen. Released in 2003, the game series was set a long, long time ago (thousands of years) before the events of the “Star Wars” films that we know, and quickly developed a rabid fanbase.

Speaking to Mashable, Johnson refuted claims that “Knights” was the subject of his new “Star Wars” series.

“Oh, they love Knights of the Old Republic…I played that game when it first came out and it was like, god, I loved it. Yeah, that’s a fantastic game. And I understand it, the instinct to automatically go to something that you know and love, that you’ve already seen.”

“To me,” he says, “what’s really fun is the notion of what new stuff are we gonna see, what new stories can we tell?”

So, very unlikely that the new trilogy will be set way, way back in the “Knights of the Old Republic” days and more likely, stories set within the same time as the original trilogy that fix on characters we’ve not followed.

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