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Affleck to hand over Batman to Jon Hamm after Flashpoint?

Update : When Affleck hangs up his cape, don’t be surprised to hear Jon Hamm’s name tossed about as a front runner to take on the role for “The Batman”.
According to Radar Online, a source close to the production of Matt Reeves’ solo Batman film says the former “Mad Men” star is chasing the part.
“Jon’s gunning hard for the role,” the source claimed.
It could help that Hamm is also a good friend of Affleck’s – a good word and the current Batman might help secure the role for his bud.


If today’s reports are accurate, Ben Affleck definitely won’t be back for “The Batman” (world’s worst kept secret) but he will wear the cowl – one last time?- for the solo ‘Flash’ movie.

News hails from Variety, buried in an article about Warner’s plans to restructure their DC film slate after the dissenting performance of “Justice League” last month. Seems the Burbank troupe are confident in the “Wonder Woman” and “Flash” properties, but most of the other superhero brands might be tinkered with – predominantly, the “Batman” series – or put on pause until someone can come up with a Marvel-lous (sorry!) plan. In addition, Warner are going to be shuffling some of the DC film execs over there – hoping some fresh blood will result in some better performing, more critically-loved superhero films.

Affleck is reportedly “enthusiastic” to appear in “Flashpoint”, the first bigscreen solo adventure for DC superhero The Flash, set for release in 2010, but it sounds like he’ll hang up his codpiece after that. Is he enthusiastic though? or is this Warner agreeing to let Affleck out of his contract (he’s been wanting out for a while now) if he does one more appearance as The Bat for them? Whatever the case, according to Variety, even “The Batman” director Matt Reeves fancies a fresh face for that film (Jake Gyllenhaal has been mentioned as a possible replacement) so it sounds very, very likely Affleck’s going to get his wish to go capeless soon.

“Flashpoint” would reunite Affleck with “Justice League” co-star Ezra Miller in, what I presume, will be DC’ doing their take on Marvel’s “Spider-Man : Homecoming” – with Miller in the student role and Affleck as the mentor.

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