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Abrams has pitched Episode IX – which already has a working title!

Last Friday, J.J Abrams pitched his yarn for “Star Wars Episode IX” to Disney.

No idea how it went. No idea whether it involved Force Ghosts. No idea whether he retconned some of “The Last Jedi”‘s controversial reveals.

But while details of his proposal are unknown (It will be interesting to see how handle the late Carrie Fisher’s absence), one reveal might have come to light : The working title of the film is said to be “Black Diamond”.

That little nugget according to Fantha Tracks, who also had the scoop back in the day on the working titles for The Last Jedi (Space Bear) and Rogue One (Los Alamos) thus proving themselves a pretty reliable source.

Make of the title what you will.

The Abrams-directed “Star Wars: Episode IX” is expected to hit theaters Dec 20, 2019.

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