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Alien Covenant 2 dead!? Alien 5 lives!?

With Disney now in charge of most of the Fox brands, horror buffs are keen to know whether the change in guard might spell good news for Neil Blomkamp’s “Alien 5” idea – the one that would be set after the events of James Cameron’s “Aliens”, nixing the events of the films that followed, reuniting original dynamic duo Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn.

The film, which the “District 9” helmer wrote on spec, boasts a “wonderful script”, said Weaver, who would reprise her role as Ellen Ripley for the first time since “Alien Resurrection” (1997).

News of the project first came to light a couple of years ago when Blomkamp posted some art and a little info about his idea on the socials. Fox later expressed some interest in the idea, but the studio and director Ridley Scott were so knee deep in prep for his “Alien” prequel trilogy that that was their priority.

While Fox seemed determined to stick with Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” universe exclusively, Disney evidently have a bigger interest in nostalgia, leaving us thinking they might just dust off Blomkamp’s abandoned ‘Ripley Returns!’ idea. Interestingly enough, the troops at AvP Galaxy got wind of a scoop that suggests that all plans for Ridley Scott’s second sequel to “Prometheus” – following this year’s “Alien Covenant” – have been cancelled. Done. Dusted. Packing Up. If that’s true, then the “Alien” biz is left with a fresh whiteboard.

Enter, “Alien 5” with Ripley, Hicks and Newt!?

Today Blomkamp dropped some new concept art for the movie on his Insta. While the filmmaker is quick to state that the film is “dead”, mere fact he’s posting it suggests he’s possibly hoping fans start rallying behind it [again] to get new “Aliens” rightsholders Disney to bite. I’d reckon so, anyway.

Here’s the concept art.

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