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The Layover

Picture this: you suffer a lengthy flight delay, seeing you stuck in an airport for a whole day. There’s no free wifi, but that doesn’t matter as your phone is dead anyway. To add to the misery, your wallet is packed in your checked in luggage, so you can’t even buy a magazine to make the time go by faster. The only thing you CAN do is sit at your gate and stare at the wall for 8 hours. Well guess what? That scenario is still more interesting than “The Layover”.

If you see the top review on IMDB, it’s some user claiming it’s “the greatest movie of all time”, and they went through “twenty boxes of tissues” watching it. I can only assume it’s because they were imagining Daddario and Upton in the nude, and had to relieve themselves, because the only emotion I felt during “The Layover” was pure pain and suffering.

Look, I’ll all for a romantic-comedy. I can handle an extra serving of cheese. But “The Layover” is just beyond cheese. One has to wonder the frame of mind that the lead actors were in when they read this monstrosity of a script and thought it’d be good for their careers.

The film starts with best friends Meg (Kate Upton) and Kate (Alexandra Daddario) both losing their jobs at the same time, so deciding to flee to Florida to drink away their troubles at the cocktail bar. Boarding the plane, they get sat next to a ‘handsome fellow’ Ryan (Matt Barr), and from that moment on, it’s like they were never friends to begin with as they shamelessly flirt and compete for his affections.

A hurricane diverts their flight and the girls get caught somewhere in the middle, before setting off on a road trip with Ryan and his dopey friend Craig (Matt Jones) and continue to torture each other. Let’s be clear about one thing though – I only know their names as I looked them up on the interwebs. My interest in each character’s story by now is pretty much at -100.

The competition between Meg and Kate is just downright nasty. Not to mention un-believable – these two girls were lifelong friends at the beginning of the flick, and it literally took 1 scruffy looking surfer dude for them to turn on each other. I know I’m a chick, but at this stage I’m not proud of being one.

If you haven’t gathered already – I hated this film. HATED. There’s no laughs, and the attempted humour comes in the form of sex talk and other pretty filthy gags. The acting is just shocking at best, the message (if there is one?) is just full of wrong and the ending is predictable but yet still un-believable. And I mean that it’s not believable, not unbelievable as in awesome. This movie should never have been made.

Come on Katie, isn’t there anything good you can say about this film? I can. It ended. I had to wait 1 hour and 28 minutes, but it did end eventually. I blame this movie for my drinking problems.

Director: William H. Macy

Alexandra Daddario, Kate Upton, Matt Barr, Matt L. Jones, Rob Corddry, Kal Penn, Molly Shannon


1hr 28mins


Will make women ashamed to be women.

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