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Mel Gibson returning for Machete Kills sequel

Another day, another sequel offer for Mel Gibson.

Is the one-time king of the exemplars (“Lethal Weapon”! “Mad Max”! “Braveheart”! “Passion of the Christ”!) content with cashing checks for studio phone-in jobs (“Daddy’s Home 2”)?
Or do the big wigs have no idea where and how to place him these days?

Wouldn’t at all be surprised if it’s a case of the latter – and that’s why Gibbo has decided to stop pushing dream gigs () uphill and cave into doing “Lethal Weapon 5” and whatever else Hollywood would prefer to have him do.

It’s awesome to have Gibson back, he’s a talented son of a gun, but c’mon… let’s get him something meaty, Hollywood!

Alas, Gibson looks to follow up his next couple of sequels with… another sequel. According to Danny Trejo over at Facebook live, Gibson has agreed to do the next “Machete” movie (you’ll recall he played the villain in the last one, “Machete Kills”), “Machete Kills Again… in Space”.

Gibson played the rogue weapons manufacturer Luther Voz in the previous “Machete”, suggesting he’ll either he be reprising that part – despite meeting his maker at the end of the former – or playing a new part altogether. Maybe he’ll step in and play the role the 2015 teaser trailer (see below) had Leonardo Di Caprio playing?
Either way, according to Trejo, the film is a’comin – and so is Gibson.

“We’re waiting. I’ve already talked to Robert [Rodriguez]. He says, ‘Yeah, I’m putting it together. Let’s start writing it.’ So I talked to Mel Gibson. I said, ‘Mel, hey, come on, let’s talk. Let’s do Machete Kills in Space.’ Mel goes, ‘I’m in. I’m ready. Tell Robert.’ So we’re gonna do it.”

If Machete says it’s on, then it’s on.

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