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First Looks : Robin Hood, Daredevil season 3, Restricted Area, Slender Man & Death Wish Posters

Death Wish / Slender Man
Their respective studios released the new one sheeters for “Death Wish” and “Slender Man” today. Challenging to say which film looks better….

Robin Hood
New photos of Ben Mendelsohn and Taron Egerton, as The Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood, respectively, have been released. Otto Bathurst’s gritty revolutionist take on the classic yarn hits theaters in September.


Set photos from the filming of the third season have surfaced online. Hold your applause for after it..

Restricted Area
Writer/director Christopher Don has a new movie on the way, “Restricted Area”. The movie, featuring Randy Wayne, among others, tells of four blue-collar friends, recently laid off from the steel mill, that take one last camping trip into the wilderness when they discover a backwoods cult with a cataclysmic agenda and must fight to survive.
The teaser poster is below.

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