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Sorvino wants to “make a sequel” to Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion

Mira Sorvino wants that “Romy & Michele” sequel to come to fruition.

Speaking to IndieWire at the Television Critics Association press tour, the “Condor” star said she’s definitely onboard if the “powers that be” decide it’s worth pursuing.

“I would be so into it,” the actress, who co-starred with Lisa Kudrow in the 1997 comedy, said . “Let the powers that be that would control the possibility of it happening decide to do it. Let’s make a sequel.”

Sorvino realized just how passionate a fanclub the film has when she attended, with screenwriter Robin Schiff, a 20th reunion screening in Los Angeles last year.

“They had this amazing prom party with all these balloons. They played all this ’80s music and had a dance party. It was so much fun,” Sorvino said. “The audience had such an overwhelmingly positive response when we walked out that I felt like for the first and only time in my life what it must feel like to be a rock star. There was this wave of standing ovation and screaming for several minutes for me and Robin, and we were like, ‘Oh my god, thank you. This is incredible.’”

“There’s such an enduring love for those characters — the geek underdog girl best friend heroes,” Sorvino added. “I think that means a lot to people. I think it struck a real nerve for anyone who was ever in a difficult spot in high school or beyond. The power of friendship is the power of being yourself, but also being ridiculously stupid and funny about it all.”

Sorvino and Kudrow still get along well, too -which helps matters. “Lisa is funnier than ever. She’s really an extraordinary lady and I admire her so much,” she said.

And that’s why, she believes, “I think there’s an appetite for another one.”

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