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Creed II finds its Vitor Drago!

We knew it was coming (see our exclusive below). The Tracking Board‘s Jeff Sneider has the exclusive on who’ll be playing Vitor Drago in the upcoming “Creed” sequel.

Florian Munteanu.

Nicknamed ‘Big Nasty’, the 27-year-old German boxer was “was inspired to become a fighter by his father, who was an avid boxer himself.”

In the film, Munteanu follows his famous father Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) into the ring.

Production on “Creed 2”, which has Steven Caple Jr. (”The Land”) directing a script by Sylvester Stallone and Cheo Hodari Coker, begins production in Philadelphia in March.



With the Sly Stallone directed-starring “Creed” sequel due to get underway shortly, no surprise to hear that the race is on to find the film’s rogue.

While previous reports let us know that Dolph Lundgren’s Ivan Drago – from ‘80s classic “Rocky IV” – and his grown son, also a boxer, will be the big bads of the “Rocky” spin-off, we’ve been unable to uncover some fresh details on just what the casting directors are looking for in a younger Drago.

We also have his name.

Agents have been notified that “Creed II” is searching for a “Vitor Drago”, a ‘big fighter’ in his late ‘20s with a ‘slight European accent’ to clash with Michael B.Jordan’s ‘Creed’. Vitor (note to X-Men fans : It’s Vitor not ‘Victor’ in this case) has charisma and a hard hand but is as equally as arrogant as his old man – suggesting nobody trains harder and that he’ll win any fight he finds himself in. Like his father, Vitor doesn’t much care if anyone ends up in a wooden box as a result of his unethical boxing practices either.

Vitor is Ivan’s chance to claim back his dignity. In order to help regain some of the pride his father lost at the hands of Rocky Balboa all those years ago, Vitor, his father (Lundgren) and showy promoter Buddy ‘King’ Charles influentially challenge Adonis Creed to a fight. Just as Rocky did Apollo, the Italian Stallion warns the young Creed against it – even if the Dragos ultimately leave him with little choice.

Sage Nortchutt has already put his hand up for the role of Dragon’s son. We’ll see how he goes.

Production on the film begins early next year so expect a casting announcement shortly.
Speaking of, a couple of names from “Creed” – aside from Jordan and Stallone – will be reprising their roles in the new film, among them Ricardo ‘Padman’ McGill and Anthony Kornheiser, back playing themselves.

“Creed II” is scheduled for release next November.

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