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What is this new Crocodile Dundee sequel!?

We don’t have the foggiest.

First, lets backtrack. A couple of days back a teaser trailer hit the internet for what’s being marketed as a new sequel/spin-off of “Crocodile Dundee”. “Dundee”, the official site explains, would see Crocodile Dundee missing in the outback with his grown son, Brian, his only hope. Danny McBride plays the son of Paul Hogan’s character with the latter himself reportedly reprising Paul Hogan.

The movie is said to be released this Summer. Hmm…

People got the drop on the whole thing, quoting Hogan as saying : “Crocodile Dundee is a film that has stood the test of time. It was a defining moment in my life and one of my proudest accomplishments. Throughout the past few years, I’ve been thinking about how to bring Dundee to a new generation. I’m excited to introduce the new Crocodile Dundee to the world and look forward to sharing more news about those involved very soon.”

What we do know is that the man behind the whole thing is Steve Rogers, an acclaimed “commercials” director who has quickly risen up the ranks as the go-to man for advertising campaigns. His attachment would suggest that “Dundee” isn’t so much a film as it is some kind of commercial – maybe for the Super Bowl, maybe for Tourism Australia, maybe for a product.

Today, Chris Hemsworth was announced for the film. The “Thor” star reportedly playing the son of John Meillon’s character, ‘Wally’.

If this is a film – and again, we’re not positive is is – then Hemsworth’s casting might solidify a little more confidence in the project (McBride’s casting as Dundee Jr was met with mixed reaction).

With Hemsworth and McBride both in Australia in recent times – the former with “Thor Ragnarok”, McBride with “Alien Covenant” – it would’ve been easy enough to drag them both away from their respective shoots for a day to have them shoot a commercial. A film, featuring both? one that’s been kept under the radar? suss.

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