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I believe we all knew this was coming… new Crocodile Dundee teed up as an ad campaign

The newest “Crocodile Dundee” has been revealed as a Super Bowl commercial, which I believe our own Mr Strawberry picked, noting that the director – Steve Rogers – is an acclaimed commercials director.

It’s my own home town paper, The Brisbane Times, that has the report (so proud *tear*) , outing the “trailers” as an advertising campaign for Tourism Australia.

Of course such news will bring out the knife-weilding Croc Dundee fans, claiming their feelings have been exploited for entertainment value, but Tourism Australia are known for their interesting ad campaigns, and this one we could spot in Brisbane from the Goldy, mate (that’s a fair way, for those unfamiliar).

And for those playing at home, the Australian tourism ad considered the “best ever” features Paul Hogan, saying “come and say G’day, mate” – so bringing back the Dundee factor was always going to be a good choice.

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