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More casting news : Kate Bosworth & Alfred Molina; Christopher Lloyd; Hilary Duff

“The Devil Has A Name” has just kicked off principal photography in LA, and Kate Bosworth and Alfred Molina have been added to the cast, alongside Edward James Olmos. The film also stars David Strathairn. Steve McEveety, Patrick Hibler and Rob McEveety.

The film is inspired by true events and centres on an unhinged oil baron who gets into a bruising standoff with a stubborn farmer (Strathairn) after the water on his farm was poisoned by her company. Bosworth is playing Gigi Cutler, the regional director of Shore Oil and Gas. The absolute master of her domain, she’s arrogant and ambitious, but her failure to cover up the pollution of the farm has curbed her climb up the corporate ranks and left her open to a coup by her vicious colleagues. Molina plays Big Boss, the company’s psychopathic CEO in Houston, who wants to bring Gigi down before she’s in a position to take his job.

News via Deadline.

“Back to the Future” veteran Christopher Lloyd has been tapped to star in NBC’s comedy pilot “Guess Who Died” alongside Hector Elizondo, Holland Taylor and Beth Lacke. Lloyd will play the role of Mort, a crusty and grumpy old bloke who is puttering along slowly in his golf cart at Las Esperanzado Senior Community. Mort is described as a man of mystery and wealth.

The single-camera series is described as a humorous and inspiring look at the shared joys and challenges people experience at any stage of life. Elizondo will play Murray, a positive and upbeat senior with sparkling eyes and a keen, sharp and wonderful sense of humor, who lives with his wife in the Las Esperanzado Senior Community in Palm Springs. Taylor will play Patricia, a former American Airlines flight attendant who is also Murray’s sister-in-law. She can be a little too proper at times, but she’s sharp as a tack with a great sense of humor. Via Variety.

Pop-Star turned actress Hillary Duff is set to star as Sharon Tate in “The Haunting of Sharon Tate”, in yet another take on the Manson murders – the third film in current development, in fact. Jonathan Bennett and Lydia Hearst also star.

If you don’t know the basic story of Tate: she was married to filmmaker Roman Polanski when she was brutally stabbed to death in August 1969 at the behest of cult leader Charles Manson. Tate’s unborn son was also murdered – the 26-year-old actress was due to give birth in two weeks. She yelled out at the time, “Please don’t kill me. I just want to have my baby” before being horrifically tortured and then slaughtered, stabbed 16 times. The killers used her blood to write “PIG” on the outside door of her house in the Hollywood Hills. Just lovely.

The film was written and directed by Daniel Farrands and takes a look at the last days leading up to Tate’s murder from her point of view. Via Deadline.

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