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Jessica Chastain in official talks for IT 2

Her name has been circling the sequel basically since the first film was in production, so it’s no surprise to learn that Jessica Chastain is in negotiations to join “IT 2”.

Variety reports that Chastain is in talks to play adult Beverley, as portrayed by Sophia Lillis in the 2017 film. The “sources” that report to Variety note that the script is still in the works, and negotiations are early, but my spidey-senses think that Chastain is a sure thing. You heard it here first, people!

Part 2 is down for a September 6, 2019 release date, with production expected to begin this summer (the American summer, that is). Hopefully some official casting is coming soon, but word is the kids will be back, so flashback sequences can almost be guaranteed.

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