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Elizabeth Banks and James Gunn reunite for horror film

James Gunn has announced on Twitter that he and Elizabeth Banks are to reunite on a new horror jaunt. Banks, who had a gig in Gunn’s “Slither” a few years back, will be the lead actress in the upcoming film. Reportedly they’d be looking to work on something together for a while now.

That Hashtag Show has more information about the project, noting that the horror film will be titled “Brandenburg”, and will focus on a family living in a Kansas town.

The movie is set to begin production in Georgia later this month and wrap up in May. Gunn and Banks previously worked together in 2006’s “Slither”, and neither are unfamiliar with the horror genre. Pre-production for Gunn’s “Guardians 3” is also underway, so he may work on both projects in unison.

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